The Art of Cosmetic Surgery For The Harmony of Body And Soul

In a society that seems to push more and more towards the continuous search for beauty , the use of cosmetic surgery by women, men and young people is increasingly widespread. And, if the reasons behind it can be the most disparate, the common denominator that pushes to turn to the plastic and aesthetic surgeon is certainly of a psychological nature.

Not just a simple answer to the search for beauty in itself: cosmetic surgery has to do with the body and soul of each patient.

What then is the role of the cosmetic surgeon? What can or cannot plastic and cosmetic surgery do for each patient?

It Is These Questions That We Wish To Answer.

Contrary to what happens in reconstructive surgery, which responds to the delicate and often urgent need to reconstruct parts of the body damaged by trauma or disease, what generally leads to approaching cosmetic surgery is not so much the real need to correct a physical defect. The reason is more a psychological malaise caused by the weight of the imperfection and the inability to accept and love each other despite it. And it matters little if the perception of others is not so terrible: if a woman or a man decide to ask the surgeon for help, there is a problem and it can be said to be real, at least in the head of the potential patient.

This is why the work of an experienced plastic surgeon also has a lot to do with psychology, both in reconstructive surgery and in cosmetic surgery. And choosing the right surgeon is of paramount importance for every patient.

You need love for your work, excellent preparation, experience, precision and reliability. But we must also be able to understand the patient’s motivations and expectations, create an empathic feeling. You cannot stop at the requests, you have to interpret them and direct them towards the right choice for him / her. This is the secret for the success of an intervention, also from a psychological point of view.

Without leading to excesses or obsessions, without pursuing a sterile desire to look like someone else, without feeding dangerous unrealistic expectations.

Improve, not upset.

Cosmetic surgery cannot radically change life and certainly should not be considered the key to happiness and success. But it can help you discover yourself better and love yourself more. And it can restore lost self-esteem and confidence, improving the relationship with oneself and with others.

In this sense, the art of cosmetic surgery, carried out by a competent and attentive professional, can be considered a “small cure for the body and soul”.

Always, without ever forgetting that we are much more than an image reflected in the mirror.